PEI Potatoes

Growing potatoes isn't just a business on Prince Edward's in our nature!  We have over two hundred years of experience growing high quality potatoes on an island that’s ideally suited to produce the best potatoes you've ever tasted.


Award winning chowder at the 2014 PEI Shellfish Festival!

PEI Potato and Lobster Croquette

PEI Potatoes and Lobster together!

Potatoes and fish...perfect harmony in PEI!

A delectable potato treat from Chef Andrew Smith at Red Shores in Charlottetown!

A fun way to prepare mashed potatoes, whether entertaining or just spicing up a weekday meal!

From @MorganSmallman to a bag of @olddutch chips... we #PEI spuds sure love to travel!
As @WaughJ2 proves with this pic, traffic on #PEI can be such gridlock! ;)
Because when planting on #PEI, why use 1 tractor when you can use 2 like @VisserFarmer? :)
We second this 'in ya' suggestion! :)
Our friends @VisserSpuds shared this bird's-eye pic. Time to plant those #PEI spuds!
@OxfordNazYouth Would you expect it to run on anything else? ;)
RT @mylesmanopoz: You've Been Making Baked Potatoes Wrong This Entire Time. This Is The ONLY Way To Do It. via @bor
A glimpse of what most of our #PEI Farmers did this weekend! :)