Main Dishes

Potatoes and fish...perfect harmony in PEI!

A delectable potato treat from Chef Andrew Smith at Red Shores in Charlottetown!

There is no food more versatile than the potato – fried, boiled, baked, or roasted, potatoes are...

Courtesy of the Prince Edward Island Preserve Company, New Glasgow, PEI

Courtesy of Chef Gordon Bailey of Lot 30 Restaurant, Charlottetown, PEI

Courtesy of the Homeplace Inn and Restaurant, Kensington, PEI!

This is a hearty side which can easily serve as a nice lunch with a greek salad or any type of green...

The crumb coating on the pork chops keeps them tender and moist as they bake, and pair lovely with PEI...

A tangy way to add potatoes to a favourite Mexican dish!

A hearty and nutritious meal to warm you up!

Great for one person or for a side dish to share!

A pasta-free lasagna that tastes great!

A unique vegetarian, gluten-free pizza!

Combining the best of PEI:  Lobster and Potatoes!

Pulled pork is super popular...why not pair it with a PEI Potato!

A unique twist on the traditional pizza, with PEI Potatoes!

A vegetarian curry to spice up your day!

A traditional Italian favourite, made with PEI Potatoes!

A hearty stew that sticks to your bones, with only the finest of ingredients!

A hearty vegetarian chowder!

A spicy appetizer to impress your guests!

Looking for a quick, all-in-one meal option?  Try these tangy samosas!

A warm and hearty soup for even the coldest of winter days!

Try our shepherd’s pie with ground beef and garlic mashed PEI potatoes recipe for a mouth-watering twist...

Brown the roast on all sides in a large lightly oiled skillet over high heat, before adding to the slow...