Side Dishes

Courtesy of Chef Jane Crawford from Redwater Rustic Grille, Charlottetown, PEI.

Add colour to your potato salad with flavours from a different "island!"

A fine dining dish that makes a great side of any occasion!

Makes a great side dish with fish!

Great for one person or for a side dish to share!

Easy to make, a great accompaniment to poultry or pork dishes!

Easy intructions for flavourful New PEI Potatoes!

A cheesy, tasty side dish for an everyday meal or for entertaining guests!

A summer time favourite, great for a barbeque or a family potluck!

No-muss, no fuss...just potatoes!

A colourful, nutritious salad for summer barbeques or family potlucks!

A Bacon and Cheese infused PEI Baked Potato!

The classic baked potato!

A long time favourite, full of flavour!

A flavourful and attractive way to pair PEI Potatoes with your steak or other grilled meat!

A great way to enjoy PEI Potatoes from the BBQ!

A unique summer grilling option with no dishes to clean!

Great for dipping, either as an appetizer or on the side!

A traditional raisin soda bread to accompany a meal or for a unique snack!

Use PEI potatoes in our potato mushroom gratin recipe for a delicious and milk-free take on scalloped...

Red Potato Salad

Try this red potato salad recipe with fresh PEI potatoes for a delicious side salad year round.


A favorite for everyone, as well as quick and easy to prepare!

Add roasted peppers, onions and spices to give your roasted PEI potatoes a kick!

Potato Stuffing Recipe

Try our traditional potato stuffing recipe for a delicious addition to your family feast!